About The Norwegian Avalanche Warning Service

The Norwegian Avalanche Warning Service launched on the 14th of January 2013. The bulletins and forecasts are published according to international standards.

Have you checked the Avalanche Forecast on Varsom.no? (PDF)

The main goal of the service is to avoid accidents and reduce traffic problems due to avalanches. Our vision is a society with active recreational winter sports and a well functioning infrastructure.

The bulletins and forecasts are valid for a larger area and give general information about the avalanche conditions.

Our main user groups are within recreational winter sports, road and railroad authorities and emergency authorities. The bulletins and forecasts are important tools for evaluating the snow avalanche conditions, but do not provide the correct answer for every snow-covered slope.

The bulletins and forecasts are therefore set up to be as educational as possible; with an informative and educational avalanche service, the avalanche awareness will increase, and enable the public to avoid accidents. 

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) is responsible for the service and member of the European Avalanche Warning Services (www.avalanches.org). Forecasts are issued by the Norwegian Avalanche Warning Service (NAWS), a partnership established in January 2013 between NVE, the National Public Roads Authorities (NPRA) and Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET).

A service delivered by the Norwegian Water resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), in collaboration with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET) and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

Varsom.no presents forecasts and warnings for several types of geohazards. Each geohazard has its unique forecasting environment and points of contact.

Norwegian Avalanche Centre:
You may send e-mails to 


or call +47 48 88 01 00.

For questions regarding the service, contact centre leader Rune Engeset (head of section) on +47 99 03 88 68

Rune Engeset, PhD og leder for Snøskredvarslingen i Norg