Forecasts are published daily from 1 December to 31 May.

The Norwegian Avalanche Warning Service issues daily avalanche forecasts on during the winter season. Get the forecast and consider the avalanche problems when choosing when and where to travel.

On you will find information about the snowpack and the avalanche conditions. The avalanche problems are of principal concern to the user. Knowing what causes avalanches can make it easier for you to avoid them.

An avalanche problem consists of these factors:
- what type of avalanche is expected?
- what is the expect triggering mechanism?
- what is expect sizes?
- what is the probability of triggering?

Forecasts are published daily from the of December till of May. 

For planning your trip and recognizing avalanche terrain, use maps. Norway has 1:50 000 maps for the whole country. Maps can be bought at bookstores and sports shops, or printed from the net. Visit for topographic maps online. For slope angle maps, see our slope angle map at ("helning" means slope angle).

Modelled snowpack and historic and current weather information can be found on the webpage This site uses information from the weather stations and interpolate values from the stations for gridded maps.

Detailed weather forecast can be found online at or is also in English, but the weather in text format is only given in Norwegian.

The bulletin does not include a detailed text about the avalanche conditions. This is only given in Norwegian. Translate it using google translate. The text result will be informative, and most likely amusing.

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